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New post!

2012-10-13 14:24:38 by Chiuh

It's time to update some shiz I guess.
No news post for ... A month, so yeah.

Not really sure what to nag about this time though.
Been working, like usual, lots of shit done at work these last weeks i assure you.
New games been played, and currently working on some art projects, let's hope I'll finish there.

Once again, sorry for the lack of art uploads, not really in the mood to be honest.
Bit shitty atm, personal problems.

Miss the good old days when you actually had stuff to do..
I mean, meeting friends outside, go out, drink some coffee with a nice sweetroll, yeah...
Stuff like it.

People seem to be busy all the time now, gettin' children, decide to work hard, bad hours.

Just feels bad.


Guess this will do!


Takin' some time.

2012-09-19 03:06:50 by Chiuh

So basicly, I have tons of work, barely any time at all to do something I really want to do myself.
Much going on, and it makes me pissed like a mother fucker.

Part of growing in to the adult shoes?

Lots of paper works, meetings and ... dating?

Yeah, found this fairly decent fish in this long country of mine.
Looking decent, smart, and talks like a fucking radio without a button to turn him off.

Guess I'll take what I find!

I've been trying some more digital art, it's fun, not really used to it, so I figured I should buy a better tablet of some sort, something with a monitor on the tablet?
I do not even if a thing like that exists, and if it do exist, I wont afford it, haha.

Life is to short to be poor.

Anyway, I'll be uploading some art in the near future!

I also been... trying some text based sex adventure game... rpgish...
It's amazing!



2012-09-03 13:05:29 by Chiuh

Yeah, i guess the art will wait for a little longer.
To busy doing completely non important stuff.

Although, i never really had any good ideas, and i really dont feel like starting on a big project, might just ... put up some decent fastpaintings or sketches some day.

It'll have to wait a little longer though. :)

Putting up some more art.

2012-08-30 07:50:07 by Chiuh

So yeah, wonder if i have time paining more stuff now when my hdd went to hell.
Will be adding to the art collection once I come up with something decent!